Isomorphic JavaScript

JavaScript applications which run both client-side and server-side. Isomorphic JavaScript frameworks are the next step in the evolution of JavaScript frameworks. These new libraries and frameworks are solving the problems associated with traditional JavaScript frameworks.

Isomorphic JavaScript

Client and Server

The isomorphic libraries and frameworks.

Why Isomorphic?

Isomorphic from the Greek "isos" for "equal" and "morph" for "shape". Isomorphism describes that if you look at the same entity in two different contexts, you should get the same thing. Here the contexts are server and client. Although the term has been mostly used in mathematics until now, it's an apt term to describe a web programing pattern where the code is shared by the front-end and back-end.

One framework that runs on the client & server

There are various isomorphic frameworks and libraries. Here is a list of the most popular isomorphic frameworks and libraries.


Google can now crawl JavaScript applications on websites. As of May 23rd, 2014, Google bot executes JavaScript.


Faster to render HTML content, directly in the browser. Better overall user experience.

Easier code maintenance

Free progressive enhancements.

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